Montessori at Franklin

District-Wide Elementary

Essential Outcomes

Montessori Kindergarten End of Year Goals



The student will:


1. Write a letter when given the sound of that letter


2. Write 3-letter phonetic words


3.  Write first and last name correctly


4.  Form letters correctly in lower and upper case


5.  Write a sentence beginning with a capital  letter and ending with a period.


The student will:


1. Recognize letter sounds  

Student says the sound of the letter when looking at the letter.


2. Blend Sounds; Begins to Read  

Student reads 3 and 4 letter phonetic words by blending the sounds of the letters together.


3. Read each of the 134 sight words


4. Read at Level  5-6 on the Rigby Running Records


5. Comprehend

Student retells a story including beginning (characters and setting), middle (problem), and end (resolution)



The student will:

  1. Count to 120
  2. Read #s 0-120
  3. Write #s 0-120 (in order and when dictated randomly)
  4. Count backwards from 20
  5. Add 4 digit #s using Montessori materials (bead material and stamp game)

  6. Name two-dimensional and three-dimensional shapes

    (triangle, circle, square, rectangle, hexagon, pentagon,  trapezoid, oval, ellipse, rhombus, cone,  sphere, cube, cylinder, rectangular prism, triangular prism, triangle-based pyramid, square-based pyramid, ovoid, ellipsoid)


The student will:

  1. Sort objects representing living and non-living.
  2. State what living things need: food, water, air, shelter, space, and sun.
  3. Sort objects representing plants and animals.
  4. Sort objects representing vertebrates and invertebrates and state the difference between the two groups.
  5. Sort pictures of animals into the 5 classifications of vertebrates (fish, amphibians, birds, reptiles, mammals). State which groups are warm blooded.
  6. Trace, color and label puzzles/make booklets for the whole plant (tree) and parts of the plant (flower, leaf, root.)
  7. Sort objects that sink/ float.
  8. Sort objects according to senses




The student will:


  1. Name bodies of land (continents) and bodies of water (oceans) on the Earth
  2. Trace, color and label world map

  3. Name the 7 continents

  4. Name the land and water forms: island, lake, gulf and peninsula



The student will:

  1. Name the months of the year in order
  2. Name the days of the week in order
  3. Tell time to the hour on digital and analog clocks
  4. Identify coin names and values


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